Happy holidays everyone!!! Join us for the first ever ETG Toy Drive, an event held to collect toys for all the good girls and boys of The Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU! We will be joined by our good friends Angelica Garcia, Kenneka Cook, and Richmond favorites Weekend Plans. In an effort to make this toy drive as successful as possible, all patrons that bring a toy will receive half off admission ($10 at the door, $5 with a toy to donate). All donations must follow the following guidelines given to us by the Children's Hospital:

· All toys must be brand new and newly purchased, in original packaging. · Nothing gift wrapped please, we need to be able to see all items. · No holiday themed items (many of our holiday donations last us well into the new year when holiday themed items are no longer appropriate) · These would be great items to make the focus of the toy drive: Legos kits, Uno cards, board books for infants and toddlers. The focus on a few types of items is helpful to us as they are our most needed, frequently requested and unable to be reused between patients items!

We are SOOO excited for this amazing night of music and cheer, please help spread the word, our goal is to make children smile :) Until the 19th, stay groovin y'all!!!